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Animals are one of Tree Elle’s chief attractions. Visitors young and old have been seduced by our animals, or mesmerised by the Blue Fairy Wrens and other native birds that flit through our gardens.

You can see a variety of geese, turkeys and chickens at Tree Elle Retreat, as well as our dorper sheep and alpacas. Many of these have been hand-reared, so most are quite tame. We often have baby chicks to show the children, and lambs to bottle feed in season.Animal_kimAllie_750

During daytime the geese join the sheep and alpacas in the paddock to graze. The sheep often like to gather near the gardens of the loft houses hoping for a tasty vegetable tidbit from guests.

You are welcome to join us in the evening feeding the animals and collecting eggs.  These eggs are provided fresh for your breakfast.

We ventured down to the feeding of the animals, even though we had all grown up on farms. It was the excitement of the baby alpaca which drew us in. The animals are so friendly – you can tell they have been hand fed, which makes a soothing environment for those visitors who have never experienced animals…Libby W, May 2014

Native wildlife

You can see many species of birds in our beautiful gardens, including one of the most spectacular, the Blue Fairy Wren. Other little birds flock to the fruit trees in search of an easy meal. Listen to the bird song and the laughing Kookaburras as you sip wine on your verandah, and keep an eye out for the kangaroos that venture out onto the paddock at dawn and dusk.

See more of our animals in the gallery.

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