Fresh produce

Fresh produce is one of our favourite things about living in the Great Southern region. Some local cheese and a bottle of wine, seafood straight out of the inlet, seasonal vegetables from the Tree Elle gardens and you’re all ready to throw together something simple but amazing. Add a few slices of fresh crusty bread from the bread machine in your beautifully appointed self-contained accommodation and you are sure to have a crowd-pleaser.  When you need to pop out and get something, we can tell you where to go.

Bow Bridge Store, the famous hamburger, fresh marron, local produce and excellant range of local wine.
Valley Of The Giants Olive Oil (certified organic) is available at their cellar door.
Southern Star deep sea ocean fish is available daily from the Peaceful Bay Fish Shop.
Nornalup Teahouse Farmers’ Market Fortnightly. The inaugural Market was held on Sat 26 Nov 2011.
Albany Farmers Market open every Saturday and well worth the 50 minute drive for the fresh produce.

Eating out

If you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of places to eat out.

Old Kent River Winery and Café Cellar door and meals, delicious local freshwater crustacean and lamb.

Duckett’s Mill does lunch platters but you can also grab cheeses, wine and icecream for your evening meal.

Our favourites